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When you move there will always be things that you don’t want to take along to your new residence. It is often a time when lots of items that you may no longer want, will rear their heads. This is a fantastic opportunity to discard any unwanted items that may have been taking up valuable space in your home. To save yourself having to make any trips to the tip on moving day, just set aside the unwanted items and we will ensure that they are cleared.


For businesses, the burden of unwanted items is even greater. You will not want to spend your own time or any staff member's time to clear the items. With our service, everything is taken care of at once. We promise that your previous premises will be cleared of anything unwanted.

As a family business, at Londons Classic Removals, Portsmouth we take pride in making sure that any clearance items are recycled when possible. We always make sure your move is as economically friendly as possible.

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If you don't want to take it,

you don't have to

Our clearance service allows you to eliminate the worry of having to deal with unwanted items.

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